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Leased Lines offer the strongest business grade Internet connection.

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If you are worried about the security of your corporate network, Leased Lines are the right option for you.

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If you require a reliable ‘always on’ Internet connection, you should consider Leased Lines.

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Hyper-connected workforce will fuel future demand for leased line services

Industry experts predict that by 2025, we will have become a fully mobile, connected and collaborative workforce. While many businesses are already adopting flexible ways of working and using technologies that allow them to become more collaborative, many lack the necessary connectivity to give them the performance they require. This needs to be addressed, if we are to prevent businesses from falling behind.

With leased line providers typically offering 24/7, 365 day support, leased lines can offer all the resilience and reliability required to support a growing mobile workforce, armed with an ever expanding number of cloud-based and collaborative technologies.

According to a new survey of 1000 middle managers, inadequate connectivity is costing the UK economy £30bn a year.

Leased lines might seem an obvious choice, but the study carried out by O2, in partnership with the Centre for Economic and Business Research, reveals that a mistrust in newer technologies is causing many businesses to persist with standard business broadband instead.

ADSL may be sufficient for more basic operations such as internet surfing or sending emails, but it doesn’t provide the necessary performance to reliably run solutions such as VOIP, VPN and Cloud Computing.

While some businesses are benefitting from working with a leased line provider, many lag behind, slow to adopt home working or cloud-based unified communications technologies that need higher bandwidth solutions.

The performance and reliability of leased line connectivity from a tried and tested provider, can allow a business to run next generation technologies, with the necessary capacity and future proofing needed to support growth.

Find the best local leased line provider

We continually scan the marketplace to help you find the right suppliers in your area. Here is our guide to some of the UK’s main leased line providers:


Formerly the UK’s sole leased lines supplier, British Telecom remains the market’s largest and most dominant player. Having been forced to sell leased lines at wholesale prices to other operators in 2001, BT was split into three separate divisions, BT Openreach (infrastructure), BT Wholesale (services for ISPs) and BT Retail.


Vodafone acquired the UK arm of Cable & Wireless in 2012. Cable & Wireless’ market experience as the country’s first alternative leased line provider to BT was a considerable advantage for Vodafone. Vodafone used the leased lines to provide bandwidth to thousands of its countrywide mobile phone masts.

Virgin Media:

Virgin Media was created from a patchwork of UK cable franchises and operates one of the country’s two main fibre networks. It formed from the mergers of NTL, Telewest, Virgin Mobile and, rebranded to Virgin Media in 2007.

SSE Telecoms:

As the telecommunications arm of Scottish and Southern Energy, the supplier discovered an extremely cost effective way to link cities together, after realising that it could string fibre from its electricity pylons.


City of London Telecommunications first began supplying leased lines to Britain’s financial district, before extending its coverage to include Docklands, central Birmingham and Manchester. It does not compete for services outside of these areas.

Griffin Internet:

Founded in 1993, Griffin Internet is one of the UK’s most experienced Internet Service Providers and offers one of the widest selections of leased line solutions.

Nearly all UK leased line providers make use of circuits from their competitors.

We can work with every carrier and always look to find you the best provider at the right price for your location.

Providers increase leased line solution choice

Providers are increasing the range of leased line solutions, as the technology becomes more affordable. From Leased Lines to Ethernet-in-the-first-Mile (EFM), resellers are tailoring solutions to more businesses than ever before.

As a direct, uncontended and dedicated ‘always on’ connection, leased lines offer some of the best performance and reliability around. With 24/7 connectivity critical to many industries, providers are seeing a growing demand for leased lines in applications from the emergency and medical services to security and banking.

For businesses where 24/7 connectivity is less vital, EFM is a good alternative. The connection is still uncontended and its symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 20mbs offer businesses the performance necessary to run VoIP, VPN, hosted and cloud applications.

A leased line provider will typically offer a 7 hour service support package, available during normal working hours from Monday to Friday. In addition, suppliers usually provide the option of a broadband auto failover, so service isn't interrupted.

Getting the right reseller support to meet your leased line implementation needs

To realise the benefits of a leased line, it’s important that it’s properly implemented.

A business can opt to purchase a wires only solution and do the install itself, but it still needs to be correctly configured, tested, monitored and supported. Without this, problems can occur and additional costs quickly accrue.

With their product knowledge, depth of skills and experience of working across a wide range of applications and business types, a leased line provider can offer this support. But with a large number of suppliers, it can be challenging to find the right one for your needs.

When scoping out your requirements, the best providers will be completely open and upfront, taking time to identify a solution and carrier to meet your needs. With the right platform in place you’ll be more likely to realise what you set out to achieve.

Service support levels guaranteed with leased line connectivity from your provider

Leased lines are available with one of the most robust service support packages. Suppliers typically offer 24/7, 365 day support and the fastest recovery times. Network availability and performance is guaranteed, as leased line services have to conform to the industry’s most stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Only providers with the right support infrastructure in place are able to offer the highest levels of performance and reliability.

The best providers are ISO registered and typically work to ISO 9001:2008, an accreditation created by the British Standards Institute (BSI). Once registered, providers are continually monitored to check that their internal processes remain well managed and controlled, and to ensure that their customers enjoy the highest levels of service excellence.

New fibre breakthroughs will enable leased line providers to offer higher speed solutions

Advancements including a new analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) chip and process that increases channel density to enable greater data transmission, look set to allow providers to offer higher speed solutions.

Having claimed to have set a new speed record for big data transfers, IBM claims to have produced data transfers speeds of between 200 – 400 Gbps, over optical fibre when using their new ADC chip.

Similarly, Alcatel-Lucent and BT claim to have achieved the fastest speeds, with their new process for increasing the density of channels on the fibre. In tests, they have produced data transmission efficiencies that are 42.5% greater than what could be achieved using today’s standard networks; all without the need for additional fibre.

These breakthroughs will allow leased line providers to increase network capacity. And with greater choice, more customers will turn to leased lines to help meet the performance needs of tomorrow’s data hungry technologies.

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